Can I pay with check?

If you're a hockey player...maybe someday...but unfortunately, until then we do not accept Checks. Additionally, other Eastern European Bloc countries will have to wait, as well.

Will you offer rain checks on out of stock deals?

We truly wish we could, but unfortunately, our purchasing department would want more time outside of their cages at night to work more, and that could be unsafe. Because of that, we are limited in quantity when we make a special buy which allows us to pass savings on to you. If it's something that you can't find where you live, we can certainly let you know when it's back in stock, but pricing may be different.

Can I pay over the phone?

Although we trust our human employees with the accurate recording and secure storage of your payment info, our insurance company does not. So, we have to restrict purchasing to our online store or in person. That way your info goes from you directly to a secure and insured location.

Why can't I see the price until it's in the cart?

You caught us!  It's a sales ploy to get you closer to buying the product...NO...we're kidding!  Because we are an Authorized Milwaukee Heavy Duty Dealer, we have to play by their rules when selling online.  This is the ONLY way we can give you the absolute LOWEST price, anywhere!  Our prices are so low, we can only show them to you in our showroom (which you're welcome to visit) or in the cart, which you're welcome to "check out", as well!

These prices are unbelievable, are these refurbed tools or something?

I know, right!?  Destination Milwaukee ONLY sells new, quality Milwaukee Tools in the most attractive, original packaging.  The only reason the word "refurb" should ever enter your mind and leave your mouth is if you're using our NEW, high quality Milwaukee Tools to do the refurbing!

How do I get a Destination Milwaukee t-shirt?

Generally, you'd have to wait until we're in concert and get them at the show, or we'll throw you one in exchange for a soda pop...but, for you special friend, we have a plan!  Our construction yellow Destination Milwaukee t-shirts are always available in the HOT DEAL section of our website.  Better yet, though, if you spend over $500, we'll give you one for free!  We just ask that you send us a pic of you with your T-shirt for our "All Across The Globe" photo spread....pretty please with Milwaukee Tools on top!

Oops, I broke it, what now?

Well, it happens, and there is no need for tears.  There's no crying in Destination Milwaukee! First of all, make sure you have followed our step by step instructions on our warranty page to ensure your tool or battery is properly documented.  Then, for repairs or replacement, contact Milwaukee via their website ( and click on the "SUPPORT" tab).  All of our tools are backed by their warranty system.  If your item isn't what you ordered, that's where we'll come into play.  Contact us via, well....the "Contact Us" page....go figure, huh?  We'll get everything worked out for you as best we can.  Also, if you find yourself near our store in Reese, Michigan, we'd love to meet you!  Bring us the item in its original packaging, and we'll take it from there!

I'm not in the United States, is there hope for me?

Yes, there is a legal path to being able to receive Milwaukee Tools right to your door, which we highly recommend.  Unfortunately, we do not ship outside the continental United States.  Therefore, as soon as your feet are firmly planted in the good 'ole US of A, give us a shout and we'll happily start shipping to you.!