Milwaukee Tool & & Battery Warranty Information

Congratulations on your Milwaukee purchase! We are happy to assist you with sending in your Milwaukee tool or battery for warranty repair or replacement. Milwaukee offers a warranty (5, 3, or one year) for every power tool and battery against manufacturing defects. There is no registration available. The warranty is based upon the manufacture date (printed on tool and embedded in the serial number) or date of purchase. 

In order for you to receive warranty coverage from date of purchase, please follow these instructions:

STEP 1: Locate the manufacturers tag on your tool or battery.

STEP 2: Lay your receipt next to the manufacturers tag and in ONE picture ensure the following items are readable:
– Serial Number on Tool (or Battery)
– Tool Number on Tool (or Battery)
– Date on Receipt
– Tool/Battery Number on Receipt

STEP 3: Store picture in your phone or computer. This picture may need to be printed to ensure you have warranty from date of purchase.

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If your serial number is not readable and you do not have this picture, your tool does not have a warranty! Please understand that this is Milwaukee’s policy…..we don’t make policy or this determination!